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Apple Pay

Yes, you can add your Direct Financial VISA®  card to your Apple devices!

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  • How do I add my eligible physical credit or debit card to Apple Pay?


    • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
    • Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner
    • 输入信用卡的安全码,从iTunes帐户中添加信用卡或借记卡. 或者,要添加不同的卡,请使用iSight相机或手动输入卡信息.

     Apple Watch

    • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
    • Tap “Wallet & Apple Pay” and select “Add a Credit or Debit Card”
    • 输入信用卡的安全码,从iTunes帐户中添加信用卡或借记卡. 或者,选择“添加不同的卡”,使用iSight相机或手动输入卡信息.

     iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and iPad mini 3

    • Go into Settings
    • Tap “Wallet & Apple Pay” and select “Add Credit or Debit Card”
    • 输入信用卡的安全码,从iTunes帐户中添加信用卡或借记卡. 或者,选择“添加不同的卡”,使用iSight相机或手动输入卡信息
  • Why am I being prompted to call Direct Financial?

    This is just an extra security step to verify your card.

  • What is a virtual card?

    虚拟卡是您符合条件的实体信用卡和借记卡的数字形式. When you add your physical card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, a virtual card is created and stored. Creating a virtual card will not affect the use of your physical card.

  • Will I continue to receive Visa Rewards?

    You’ll still get all the same great benefits and rewards you enjoy with your cards.

  • Are Apple Pay transactions protected by Visa’s $0 liability guarantee?

    Yes. Just like your physical consumer credit cards and debit cards, 您符合条件的虚拟信用卡和借记卡由Visa的$0责任保证覆盖. 当您及时报告时,Direct Financial将把您符合条件的实体或虚拟消费者信用卡或借记卡所产生的任何欺诈性费用记入您的帐户. 0美元责任保证涵盖他人使用您的Direct Financial实体或虚拟消费者信用卡和借记卡进行的欺诈交易. If you suspect unauthorized use of your virtual credit or debit card, please contact us immediately by calling the number on the back of your card.

  • What do I need to use Apple Pay?
    • iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and later (in stores and within apps)
    • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and later (within apps)
    • Apple Watch paired with your iPhone (in stores)
    • The latest version of iOS or watchOS
    • an Apple ID
  • Will merchants receive my physical card number?

    商家将收到与您的信用卡或借记卡相关联的虚拟卡号, which is stored in the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay application.

  • How do I make purchases with Apple Pay?

    In person, 在非接触式终端前,只需在设备上验证指纹即可.

    touchless terminal graphicapple pay button

    在应用程序中,寻找使用Apple Pay购买按钮或Apple Pay作为支付方式:

      buy with apple pay button samples

  • Will all merchants accept Apple Pay?

    No. Not all merchants have adopted this technology. Please continue to carry your physical cards to use where Apple Pay is not accepted. 大多数商家会显示非接触式支付符号,让你知道他们接受非接触式支付

  • Does Apple Pay show my recent Direct Financial credit and debit transactions?

    Yes. 您可以在电子钱包中查看每张Direct Financial卡最近的10笔Apple Pay交易.

  • If I made a purchase using my virtual card, what is the process to return an item?

    Depending on the merchant's policy, 可能需要在非接触式终端前放弃您的设备,就像您在最初购买时所做的那样. Additionally, just as with your physical card, merchants often require a receipt as proof of purchase.

  • What if my Apple device is lost or stolen?

    With Apple Pay, a passcode or touch ID must be entered for each transaction. This security feature prevents unauthorized use of the e-Wallet.

    • Phone or iPad: You can go to 或者使用“查找我的iPhone”应用暂停或永久删除该设备的Apple pay支付功能. 即使你的设备离线且未连接蜂窝网络或Wi-Fi网络,你的卡也会被暂停或从Apple Pay中移除. 你也可以联系Direct Financial暂停或从Apple Pay中移除你的卡. Learn more about what to do if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

    • Apple Watch你可以从Apple pay中删除信用卡或借记卡支付功能 Just sign in, click Settings, choose your device, and click Remove All. You can also call your bank to suspend or remove your cards from Apple Pay.

    • 您也可以通过卡背面的电话号码与Direct Financial联系停用令牌.

  • If I erase my Apple device or delete my cards from Apple Pay, does that cancel my physical cards or can I continue using them?

    Erasing the information on your device has no effect on your physical cards, so you can continue to use your cards as you normally would. However, 这将禁止你通过Apple Pay帐户使用虚拟卡,所以如果你想继续使用Apple Pay,你需要再次添加你的卡.

Google Pay

Add your Direct Financial Visa card to your Android device.

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Use your Direct Financial Visa card with Samsung Pay.

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